KCR is a very religious and spiritual person and he took the same route for this year’s election. But sadly for him none of the four major beliefs of KCR came to his rescue in this year’s election.

KCR built a new secretariat worth over Rs 600 crores and saw it as a good omen for his campaign this year. But perhaps the Vastu of this new secretariat didn’t help his cause.

KCR even changed the name of TRS to BRS with the intention of going national. There could’ve been some astrological calculations behind the change of the party’s name. This name change didn’t help him one bit.

The BRS boss even did the Raja Shyamala Sahita Subramanyeswara Yagam a month before the election. He really believes in this Yagam and carries it out with great belief and dignity. This spiritual touch too didn’t help him.

Lastly, KCR commissioned a mega temple construction at Yadadri and the government spent Rs 1800+ crores on the same. Apart from that, KCR commissioned multiple temple projects across Telangana.

Despite all these efforts, KCR had to face the defeat. The public mandate is based on administration and governance, and going by the result, BRS lacked here. So the extracurricular efforts were of little help.