Postal Ballots

In Ibrahimpatnam, Rangareddy district, a stir unfolded as Congress leaders and independents alleged issues with postal ballots.

They claimed the seals on ballot boxes were broken at the RDO office, and no ballots were found. Tension rose as the ballots, meant for a secure room, appeared in the RDO office.

With 3,057 postal votes registered, doubts emerged about six missing ballot boxes. The returning officer faced criticism for breaking a ballot box seal.

District Collector Bharti Holikeri intervened, moving the boxes to the strong room, but questions linger about the postal votes’ legitimacy.

The situation intensified as Congress leaders raised concerns about ballots being opened without oversight, leading to the RDO’s suspension. Allegations of ballot rigging, particularly by the BRS party, added to the controversy, raising doubts about the overall election fairness.

As authorities investigate, the electoral process faces scrutiny, demanding transparent measures to restore trust in the democratic exercise in Ibrahimpatnam and beyond.