Anantapur has been a stronghold of the Telugu Desam Party since its inception. Even though Congress and YSR Congress maintained grip in the Rayalaseema area, Anantapur is one district that is always for TDP. But then, Jagan breached the fort in 2019.

Out of the fourteen seats in the erstwhile Anantapur district, TDP managed to win only two. TDP Senior leaders – the JC family and the Paritala family also bit dust very badly.

Only Balakrishna and Payyavula Keshav managed to win.

But then, TDP is all set to make a strong comeback in the district as per multiple surveys.

Only Dharmavaram which is allocated to the BJP is clearly going the YSR Congress’s way. It has to be seen if Paritala Sriram and Vardhapuram Suri will work for BJP’s Satyakumar here.

However, YSR Congress has a slight edge in Madakasira, Anantapur Urban, and Guntakal as of today.

In Anantapur Urban, TDP is being hampered due to group politics. TDP is facing issues in Guntakal as it has admitted Former Minister Gummanur Jayaram just before the elections. But TDP leadership says things will quickly change.

Gooty where a chappal has been hurled at YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is in Anantapur district.

TDP is ahead in the rest of the ten seats. But then, the lead is very slender in Raptadu and Kalyandurg. The candidates here will have to sweat hard in the coming days.

Even if we consider all the edge seats going YSR Congress way, the party is only looking at four out of the fourteen.