Janasena-Glass-Symbol-TDP-AllianceJanaSena supremo Pawan Kalyan announced that TDP and JSP will be working together for the coming election. This is expected to change the course of AP politics in the build-up for the 2024 elections.

In this context, the TDP-JSP alliance has started off on a bright omen with the Pawan Kalyan-led JSP getting a reprieve from the Central Election Commission.

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For the past few months, concerns were raised about the election symbol of JanaSena as CEC didn’t confirm if JanaSena would be getting the glass symbol or not.

Cut to now, a short while ago, JanaSena confirmed that the CEC granted the glass symbol to the party, much to their delight.

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Netizens are commenting that it is a good omen for the TDP-JSP alliance as the Jana Sena party managed to keep hold of the trademark glass symbol. The party can now use this symbol in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana elections.

Many are opining that the alliance has started off on the right note with JSP getting a favorable result from the CEC.

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