Chandrababu Naidu YS JaganThe government of Andhra Pradesh is evidently hellbent on keeping Chandrababu in jail as long as they can. After getting him on remand in skill development case, the CID has filed a new case on Chandrababu now.

AP CID has filed a Prisoner Transfer (PT) plea at the Vijayawada ACB court today, and this is in connection with the AP Fiber Grid case. The court accepted the case.

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The argument is that Chandrababu gave the Fiber Grid contract to TerraSoft company and these contracts were handed out in an illegal manner.

The ACB filed a PT case just a few minutes after the High Court closed the hearing on the skill development case and reserved the judgment for 21 September.

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The developments in the court today were such that CBN’s lawyers clearly pointed out that this is a political vendetta case against CBN.

TDP leaders are now arguing that AP CID has filed this new case today with anticipation that the High Court could rightly quash the skill case on 21 September. The intention appears to be that Naidu has to be kept behind bars.

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If that really is the case, then it will turn overwhelmingly clear that the AP government is wanting to keep CBN in jail one way or another. This could badly misfire in the public’s eye with the elections not too far from now.