Jupudi Prabhakar Rao in an interview made an interesting comment about the campaign he led in the SCs in the recently concluded elections.

He proudly says he spearheaded a campaign saying that BJP wants 400 seats to remove Reservations and asked SC Government Employees in particular not to vote for TDP.

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There is a glee in his face when saying this and he is proudly saying how he misled the people.

Keeping aside the result of the campaign or the election, it should be an important lesson for Chandrababu Naidu.

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Jupudi was close to YSR and traveled with Jagan after the latter floated his own party.

He immediately joined TDP after the 2014 elections. Ignoring his own leaders in the party, Chandrababu made Jupudi the Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Caste Cooperative Finance Corporation two times. He was also given an MLC nomination.

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But immediately after the TDP’s defeat in the 2019 elections, he jumped to the YSR Congress.

Now, he is seen proudly talking on the record about the malicious campaign he ran on TDP.

Jupudi’s episode should be a lesson for Chandrababu Naidu.

If Naidu wins the election, he should once and for all stop encouraging defections. He should also set a policy of no posts or ministries for defected leaders.

Only the leaders who stayed with the party in thick and thin should be rewarded. There should be no exceptions to that in the name of political needs.