When Chandrababu Naidu announced an alliance with the BJP, there was massive disapproval among the TDP cadre, and they openly expressed their frustration wherever they could.

This disapproval escalated significantly when Chandrababu allotted ten assembly seats and six MP seats to a party like the BJP, which in the state of Andhra Pradesh is as popular as the NOTA option.

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YSRCP leaders too celebrated this, assuming that vote transfer between these two parties would never happen.

However, looking at all the exit polls yesterday and considering the numbers projected for the TDP+ alliance, the vote transfer between the TDP and BJP happened one hundred percent.

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Above all, Axis My India projecting a 13% vote share for the BJP is a massive spike for the BJP in Andhra, a state where it previously had less than 1% vote share.

This credit goes to the TDP cadre who sincerely follow their leader Chandrababu Naidu’s call, whatever it may be; otherwise, this would have been next to impossible. These wonders are only possible with deeply rooted and highly disciplined cadre parties like Telugu Desam.

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