Pawan KalyanYS Jagan Mohan Reddy achieved his lifetime dream of sending Chandrababu Naidu to jail. Whether the case is strong enough or not is secondary but Jagan is happy to see Chandrababu behind bars.

Sakshi and Blue Media are happy but now they suddenly changed their target. More than Chandrababu, their interest seems to be in Pawan Kalyan right now, especially after that alliance announcement.

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They have been continuously churning stories like – Pawan Kalyan being a Package Star, Pawan Kalyan compromising with TDP for a very small number of seats, Janasainiks should bear insults from TDP, Janasainiks should support Lokesh, No symbol for Janasena, Janasena to field candidates on TDP symbol, etc.

There is a flurry of stories insulting Pawan Kalyan and Janasena party. They are making all attempts to assassinate Pawan Kalyan’s character as they feel the TDP and Janasena alliance can potentially cause damage to the YSR Congress.

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But the problem is that the narrative ‘Pawan Kalyan Package Star’ was beaten to death all these years. The interest decreased very much. It is tough to accept that the alliance is now final and Jagan played a part in hurrying the announcement with Chandrababu’s arrest.

It’s high time they come to terms with the reality and fight TDP and Janasena. How TDP and Janasena finalize their seat-sharing and how they approach the elections should not be the YSR Congress’s concern!

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At the next level, we may see the Blue Media attacking Pawan Kalyan personally. But then, such things will only establish that they are fearing defeat due to the alliance.