Nara-Lokesh-Blue-Media-JaganThe other day, Janasena President along with Nandamuri Balakrishna and Nara Lokesh met Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in Rajahmundry Central Jail. After the meeting, Pawan Kalyan surprised everyone by announcing alliance with TDP.

YSR Congress was expecting Pawan Kalyan to stay away from TDP at least until the case is resolved. They were happy they could stop the alliance. So this announcement has come completely unexpected.

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Since then, Blue Media is running here and there like a headless chicken. Immediately after the Pressmeet, Ram Gopal Varma who became a PayTM Coolie these days posted a small video saying that Lokesh was not cheering or clapping when the announcement was made.

Now, Blue Media caught hold of the same song and is writing stories that Lokesh is not in favour of the alliance and wants to win on his own.

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They also tried to invade Lokesh’s mind and wrote he may have been upset that Pawan Kalyan robbed him the opportunity to emerge as a leader in Chandrababu’s absence.

These people are however missing a basic logic in this entire episode. Lokesh’s father is jailed and it is a personal and Political crisis for him. No one in right mind would smile and clap in such a situation.

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Probably Blue Media was expecting him to smile at deaths and greet everyone with folded hands like Jagan and get brickbats from everyone for the odd behaviour.

If Lokesh did smile or clap, the same people would write he lost hope on himself and is banking on Pawan Kalyan.

Lokesh carried himself well at the Pressmeet. Though not intentional, his face carried a message to the public about what he is undergoing. At the same time, he did not look desperate by clapping and cheering.

He already conveyed his respect towards Pawan Kalyan by calling him Big Brother. The Blue Media can have fun by doing their own interpretations but its a fact that the alliance will give them sleepless nights.