Harish RaoTDP supremo Chandrababu’s arrest has come as the biggest political development in the twin Telugu states in the recent past. It is the focal point of discussion in both the Telugu speaking states now.

Incidentally, BRS party, which stood silent on this topic all the while has now revealed its first reaction to the same as Harish Rao spoke with the media.

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“They are a neighboring state and this is a clash between two political parties there. We can’t take sides or comment on it. The general sense is that there is law and order in place and it will take its course. There is nothing more to add than that for now from our side” Harish Rao said.

About the arrests of opposition leaders in India in general, Harish Rao said “It is clear that BJP has targeted opposition leaders. If we take a look, BJP is only focusing on arresting their opponent political camps all across India. You don’t see a single BJP leader getting arrested nor can you see any remarks on a BJP-led state government. Their vendetta politics are clear”.

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Harish kept his comment on CBN very diplomatic and safe-sided. Meanwhile, ABN has been reporting that KCR is keeping a close eye on the political developments in AP as CBN’s arrest could also have repercussions in Telangana which is going to polls in a few months.