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Telugu Desam Party had decided to withdraw from Telangana assembly elections. In the view of maintaining equal distance to both the national parties, Chandrababu Naidu has taken this decision.

Even though Chandrababu decided to stay away, Telangana politics are revolving around the former Chief Minister.

The Blue Media especially is keen on taking the notion that Chandrababu is supporting Congress to make Revanth Reddy the Chief Minister to become the Shadow CM of Andhra Pradesh.

They have been cooking stories that Chandrababu is designing Congress’s campaign in Telangana. Blue Media has published a story saying that an important Congress leader met Chandrababu Naidu at midnight and took his inputs.

Blue Media believes that Chandrababu will receive help from Telangana if Revanth Reddy becomes the Chief Minister.

So, they are doing everything to stop him. This non-stop propaganda about Chandrababu supporting Congress will serve two purposes.

The first purpose is that this propaganda will drive away core Telangana votes from Congress which will help BRS.

And they believe if they can convince the BJP high command about Chandrababu helping Congress, they believe Chandrababu’s bail matters will become even more complicated and YSR Congress will receive help from the Central Government just like how they are getting since 2019.

Either way, they will be benefited. Chandrababu did not announce support to any party in Telangana for the same reason. He did not even support Janasena.

But Blue Media is doing all that it can to drag Chandrababu’s name.

If Congress manages to win Telangana despite all this, Blue Media will get bedridden worrying about the consequences they may have to face in 2024.