Blue Media's 'Bhimavaram Trap' To Janasainiks!

Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is in Bhimavaram last week. He went to the residences of Former TDP MLA Anji Babu and Former Rajya Sabha MP Sita Ramalakshmi and spoke with them privately.

Back then, Pawan Kalyan asked Anji Babu if he is interested in contesting from Bhimavaram on the Janasena ticket if the Janasenani is not contesting.

Bhimavaram is an easy seat due to the alliance. Anji Babu being a Kapu leader obviously said ‘Yes’.

Anji Babu said the same before the media and Blue Media is trying to use the same to enrage Janasainiks.

They are churning out the stories to give the impression that Chandrababu is grabbing the Bhimavaram seat from Janasena through the backdoor by sending the TDP leader to the Glass party.

Bhimavaram is a seat allotted to Janasena in the alliance. There are high chances Pawan Kalyan himself will contest from there.

In case, he chooses some other seat, he will field another candidate.

If the existing leaders in Janasena are not strong enough, he may take leaders from any other party to win the seat.

There is no involvement of Chandrababu in this issue.

Chandrababu only gave a Report consolidating four Surveys to Pawan Kalyan in which Bhimavaram is one of four seats where Pawan Kalyan can contest comfortably win. It is up to Pawan Kalyan to decide it.