Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan’s election campaign has come to a halt as he is down with viral fever. As the temperature was high and upon doctors’ suggestion, Pawan had to stall his campaign.

Pawan has been campaigning in Pithapuram constituency for the last four days. He was supposed to participate in the “Varahi Vijayabheri Sabha” this evening in Tenali.

But due to relentless campaign, Pawan suffered from viral fever. For the last few days, he participated in Pithapuram campaign activities along with the leaders and party members, without any break. As a result, he was down with the viral fever.

It is heard that Pawan was suffering from fever during his Pithapuram campaign, but he continued the campaign as he didn’t want to break the schedule. He became weaker during the door-to-door campaign yesterday.

As the situation became serious and he has to take a rest, Pawan had no option but to postpone his campaign. The rescheduled dates of the campaign are expected to be announced soon.