TDP MP Galla JaydevThe Parliamentary sessions commenced today, and as expected, the TDP MPs bought up the topic of the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu. TDP MP Galla Jaydev opened the discussion on the same.

“Chandrababu garu was arrested in an unruly manner. They allege that the AP government had released Rs 371 crores but couldn’t track back any of this money to CBN.” Galla said.

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The TDP MP added that Modi and Amit Shah should prioritize the issue as everyday that Chandrababu, a visionary leader behind IT boom in AP stays in jail, the state sees a blackday.

Nara Lokesh had already met with the TDP MPs and instructed them about the strategy that is to be followed to fight on the Chandrababu arrest issue in the parliament.

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There was a heated discussion about the same between YCP and TDP MPs in the parliament today.