After becoming the Chief Minister, Chandra Babu Naidu will be touring his constituency, Kuppam for the first time today. Chandra Babu will be going to Nandigama and pay homage to MLA Tangirala Prabhakar Rao who met with an untimely death. And from there Babu will go to Kuppam. He will be spending two days in the constituency and review various development works happening there.

Chandra Babu did a lot to Kuppam during his tenure as the Chief Minister and later the subsequent governments completely ignored the development of the constituency solely as it is represent by Mr.Naidu. Local leaders will be taking various issues plaguing the constituency to the leader. Chandra Babu is representing Kuppam since 1989. All the times, the constituency is sending Chandra Babu to Assembly with superb majority. In the recent election, Chandra Babu won with a majority of 47121 over his nearest rival.