Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu’s comments that he will achieve glory in Telangana are politically interesting. CBN’s remarks at a program held at NTR Bhavan on Sunday led to an intriguing discussion in Telangana politics. Addressing the workers, he stated that the Telugu Desam Party will be strengthened again on the soil where it originally emerged.

The party’s influence in Telangana has decreased somewhat due to its special focus on Andhra Pradesh. Leaders in the party joined other parties. Some people still believe in the party. The TDP did not contest in the last Telangana Legislative Assembly elections. However, after the election, the situation changed completely. The BRS party is now looking weak as it has lost the elections.

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Even though KCR campaigned extensively in the Lok Sabha elections, the party did not win a single seat. It could not even make an impact in its own district, Medak. It seems that the TDP is working to occupy that space amid news that BRS will be weakened.

GHMC elections will be held in another year and a half. It appears that the TDP is thinking that by showing its power in that election, it will be able to achieve a renaissance across the state. The TDP is already an ally of the NDA, and the BJP is strong in GHMC.

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Chandrababu seems to be thinking of repeating the AP combination in the next election as well. It appears that TDP leader Chandrababu is planning to win the mayoral seat if BJP, Janasena, and TDP jointly contest the GHMC elections.