Chiru Is Like God, PK Nothing Before HimFormer Minister Perni Nani used to be a mouthpiece of the YSR Congress Government but lost his position in the cabinet expansion.

Nani being from the same community as Pawan Kalyan was used to criticize the Janasenani.

After a long time, Perni Nani came before the media and spoke about how it feels like losing the cabinet berth. In the conversation, he once again criticized Janasena President Pawan Kalyan.

Chiranjeevi is a God-like person. There is no comparison between him and Pawan Kalyan,” Perni Nani criticized.

“Pawan Kalyan is only bothered about dethroning Jagan and bringing back Chandrababu to power. There is no other agenda. We know how there is no stability in his talk,” the former minister said.

“He gracefully quit politics when he realized people are not patronizing him. But Pawan Kalyan is different,” he added.

Perni Nani always tries to shoot Pawan Kalyan from the shoulders of Chiranjeevi.

Just because Chiranjeevi is trying to be cordial with Jagan, YSR Congress leaders are using that to their political benefit.