Chiranjeevi To Replace Nagababu?The speculations about Chiranjeevi‘s political re-entry are refusing to die down. The other day, we have seen Rumors about YSR Congress sending him to Rajya Sabha. But Chiranjeevi categorically denied any plans of entering politics once again. But another speculation has started.

The media has mentioned to YSRCP Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju that Jagan asked Chiranjeevi to contest on the YSRCP ticket if the by-election happens. “I also have the same information. A businessman carried CM’s message to Chiranjeevi. The latter gave it a thought but denied the offer, I was told,” Raghu Rama Krishna Raju told the media.

In case, Chiranjeevi had taken the offer, he would have replaced his brother, Nagababu who contested from the same seat in the 2019 election. Nagababu came third in the constituency but he got a 21.3% vote share. That vote share meant that TDP lost the constituency by a slender margin.

Narasapuram has significant Kapu community voting. All the seven assembly constituencies under the Parliamentary segment had a sizeable Kapu population. Chiranjeevi (Palakollu) and Pawan Kalyan (Bhimavaram) have contested from the same MP segment for the same reason.