With the results of Telangana, infighting has erupted within the YSR Congress party. The victory of the Congress in Telangana has caused confusion in the ruling party about the people’s sentiments.

So far, party leaders have been emphasizing the success of welfare schemes in the district. Similar welfare schemes have been implemented in Telangana as well. However, the ruling Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi (BRS) had a bitter experience there.

Strong analyses suggest that the administrative system is a contributing factor to the defeat, similar to the situation in Telangana.

The YSRCP government is accused of ruling with autocratic tendencies, registering cases against those who question its policies.

There is a prevailing atmosphere of reluctance to voice concerns, and numerous cases have already been filed against opposition parties.

The government is primarily highlighting the successful implementation of welfare schemes, but there is a lack of focus on overall development.

Many sections feel that there has been insufficient development under this government. Additionally, the growing influence of the Telugu Desam and Janasena alliance is causing concern among the leaders of the ruling party.

On the other hand, opposition parties are confident that the victory in the district is one-sided. The Telangana election results are stirring discussions locally, with a common perception that if Jagan remains Chief Minister, the region will not see progress.

These concerns are exacerbated by the BJP and Congress, who, despite having limited influence in the district, celebrated their victories in their respective states.