Social Media Favorites

In just a few hours, the results of the Telangana elections will be revealed, sparking widespread analysis of the major players in prominent parties who either secured victories or faced defeats.

However, amidst the political buzz, attention is turning to three candidates who stirred up quite a storm on social media even before the ballots were cast.

First off, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena is hoping to do well at least in Kukatpally as it is one of the few constituencies where it has some chance to win. The party especially counts on the Kapu community’s support, which is the biggest group of voters in Kukatpally.

Also, they’re crossing their fingers that people from other communities and supporters of TDP will back them because of their alliance in a nearby state called Andhra Pradesh.

Now, in the small town of Kollapur, there’s a young candidate named Karne Shireesha, also known as Barrelakka. She’s only 26 years old and is going against big-shot politicians from different parties as an independent candidate.

What makes her special is that she became famous on social media. Despite having very little money for her campaign, she got support from thousands of young people. Win or lose, her impact in this Telangana election is undeniable. Even if she secures only a few thousand votes, it would be a moral victory for her.

In Huzurabad, a BRS MLA named Padi Kaushik Reddy almost blackmailed the people in that constituency to secure votes. He even went as far as saying he’ll have a big celebration if he wins but will go on a “cremation journey (Sava Yatra)” with his family if he loses. Recently, he also released a video with his wife and daughter to emotionally manipulate people to vote for him. Tomorrow it will be clear if his blackmail strategy worked or not.