Kavitha Delhi Liquor ScamThe Delhi Liquor scam has come back to haunt BRS’s next-gen leader and KCR’s daughter Kalvakuntla Kavitha in ways she wasn’t even expecting.

She had been named as the accused in the case and her PA Srinivas even admitted to Rs 45 crore illegal financial rerouting in connection with the scam.

Kavitha has been facing the ED investigation for the last few months. But now, she has been given some momentary relief by the supreme court.

The supreme court heard the plea filed by Kavitha to exempt her from attending the investigation. The case was later adjourned to 18 November. The court ordered ED not to arrest Kavitha till 20 November and asked to follow the interim orders that were passed recently.

The court questioned Kavitha as well. “A woman can be of any degree in the social status and in any field, but citing this as a reason to skip the investigation isn’t acceptable.”

For now, Kavitha has managed to avoid ED action at least till the 20th of November.