Dharmana Prasada Rao

Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao is often known for his controversial comments. Dharmana is one of the leaders who may have served for the highest number of years as a Minister but he still claims Uttarandhra has got a rough deal.

With his controversial comments, he often puts his own party in a spot of bother. This time, he tried to corner the Telugu Desam Party in the Samajika Saadhikara Yatra.

“Central Agencies have given several reports insisting on Vishakapatnam to be made the Capital but Chandrababu Naidu ignored them and went ahead with Amaravati with an intention to benefit his own community,” Dharmana said.

Amaravati for a community is one of the most routine allegations. Central Agencies recommending Vizag as the capital is the new one. This is something no one, not even the BJP leaders said until now.

Central Agencies will always go by the rule book. They do not poke noses into anything that is out of their purview. Why would they make a recommendation for Andhra Capital? We all know that capital is an issue that pertains to the state government.

Assuming what Dharmana said is true, why would Prime Minister Narendra Modi break the stone for Amaravati?

It looks like Dharmana is saying whatever it occurs to him as always!