KCR Revanth Reddy

Former Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao was admitted to the Hospital. He underwent Surgery for Hip Replacement two days ago after he fell in the Bathroom. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy surprised everyone by visiting KCR in the hospital.

KTR took Revanth Reddy into the Presidential Suite where KCR is being treated. After talking to KCR, Revanth Reddy spoke to the doctors and the media outside the Hospital.

The CMO released pictures of Revanth Reddy with KCR with KTR standing alongside the CM.

A short thirty-second clip with no audio was released to the video.

Revanth Reddy is seen asking something and KCR is answering that. We can see KCR telling something showing his hip repeatedly.

Social media is abuzz with speculations about what both leaders may have talked to each other before that which is not in the Edited Clip.

Some people were wondering if KCR congratulated Revanth Reddy on becoming the Chief Minister.

Some people say such niceties may not have taken place since it is a hospital.

Since KCR just got operated, it is too much to read into his facial expressions but some people on social media say he is yet to come out of the gloom of the defeat.

We do not know what happens later in Revanth Reddy’s term but at this time, he proved to be a gentleman by visiting KCR in the hospital.