YS Jagan Mohan Reddy bagged a historic defeat in the just concluded Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections. YSR Congress just bagged 11 Assembly seats in the house of 175 seats. He could not even manage the Opposition Status in the Assembly.

The road ahead will be extremely difficult for Jagan Mohan Reddy. In Telangana, KCR’s party managed to win 39 out of the 119 seats and is still struggling. The party drew a blank in the Parliament elections. People also started moving ahead leaving them behind.

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It will be even worse for Jagan with Eleven seats.

Making things worse there is a Government in the Center that is dependent of TDP’s sixteen MP seats.

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Chandrababu will use it to speed up cases on Jagan and Viveka’s Murder case. Also, AP is expected to get funds better and that will help Chandrababu to fulfil the promises he made.

Jagan will hope his eleven Rajya Sabha MPs would come handy. But then with fractured verdict, Modi is unlikely to move any big legislations that would need help in Rajya Sabha. So, things will be extremely tough for Jagan.

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The other day, Jagan was seen almost in tears in the Press meet. It is clearly that he is utter disbelief and did not expect this coming.

He also mentioned about his cases right after the defeat indicating what are about to come.

What led to this monumental defeat?

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s rule of 2019-2024 is a tyrannical rule ridden with monumental mistakes.

Jagan who came to power by being with the people for the longest period (in the name of Padayatra) shut himself in his Tadepalli Palace and stopped giving appointments even to his MLAs and Ministers. Many MLAs have not even met him once since 2019.

Even when he went out, we saw his men shutting down shops and keeping people away using curtains as if they were untouchables.

He just misused the Government machinery to bring people to Siddham meetings and further enhance them using VFX and felt all is good. The disillusionment is now all gone.

You have to be a Psycho to raze down Praja Vedhika built with public money. You need to be a lunatic to inspire the three capitals idea from a failed country like South Africa. Why would you antagonize Amaravati farmers who voted for you in 2019 despite Chandrababu giving them the capital?

The arrogance did not stop there. Jagan thought he would be in power permanently. We used to see him misuse the systems left right and center.

CID would lift TDP leaders on Friday midnights so that they do not have to go to court until Monday.

Someone like Raghu Rama Krishna Raju, a sitting MP was tortured in the Police Custody.

He used to send bulldozers to destroy the properties of the Opposition leaders again on Fridays to avoid courts. Who in the right mind would send bulldozers to destroy a University (GITAM University in Vizag)?

You would be a fool to arrest a former Chief Minister in his 70s in the early hours and still believe there will be no ‘sympathy’ factor.

Why would you leak pictures of an Octogenarian like Ramoji Rao when he is in a hospital bed?

Once in power, Jagan Mohan Reddy did not have ears on the ground. He depended on Brokers and Consultants. There is a coterie around Jagan led by Sajjala who would keep him in the dark always. The volunteers and I-PAC staff did not good as well.

Volunteers are everything in this government reducing MLAs into Dummies. People have no respect for them.

There used to be I-PAC staff tagging along the MLAs and MPs. They either took money from them to give wrong reports to Jagan or would try to boss the public representative.

The biggest problem is Jagan’s cheap opinion about the people.

Usually, we see political parties buying votes before the elections. Jagan thought if last-minute buying could get votes, why not buy them right from the start?

Jagan was in the process of buying votes right from the first day of his term.

He gave the impression to the people that he knows nothing but buying votes by bringing loans.

He is of a cheap opinion that people would not care for jobs, infrastructure, roads, and others when he gives them money.

Who would like an educated young man like Jagan to speak cheap language like ‘Button Nokkudu’ like 100 times in every speech?

He could not have a University constructed a name after his father. He cheaply renamed NTR University with his father’s name. This is the Chief Minister who was supposed to be a representative of the young and aspiring age-group of the society.

And there is endless corruption in liquor that goes to the top and the MLAs are busy with land, sand, and mines mafias.

The remarks of ‘Class War’ completely polarized the middle class and the sections above.

Jagan just called those aspiring for development as ‘Pettamdaarulu’.

From ‘Kulam choodam, Matham choodam’, Jagan was confining himself to certain sections of the people.

People would tolerate anything but arrogance. We have seen it happening in Telangana as well.

Jagan would not give respect to Chandrababu Naidu who is of his father’s age. He would not even utter the name Pawan Kalyan and try to shame him with names like Package Star, and Nithya Pellikoduku.

There are Spokespersons, MLAs, and Ministers whose only job is to abuse Pawan Kalyan. They do nothing but abuse Pawan Kalyan.

You just pushed Pawan Kalyan to the extent of doing everything and anything to defeat you. And you just thought the Kapu community would not have any self-respect because they are given money. The result is a 100% Vote Transfer from Janasena to TDP.

Two influential communities – Kammas and Kapus- were antagonized and polarized like never before in order to stay united.

Anaparthy has the highest Reddy community voters in the state after Pulivendula. YSR Congress was defeated by a BJP candidate there by a whopping 21,000 votes majority. Even in Pulivendula, Jagan’s majority decreased by around 30K this time. That means even the Reddy community is not happy.

A YSR Congress leader says ‘Jagan ku Kulam Pichhi Pattukundhi’ and he says rightly. Who in Right mind would bring Anil Kumar Yadav from Nellore to Narasaraopeta just because he thinks caste will be everything? There are numerous such changes and everything failed.

Vidadala Rajini, a non-performer in Chilakaluripeta was brought to Guntur West again in the name of caste calculations. She lost by 51K votes margin. If not for her money and power, it would have been much worse.

You can not infuse confidence in the people when your own family members are not with you. Sharmila who worked hard for you is seen making allegations against you and it’s clear you can’t escape. Even Jagan’s mother released a video in support of Sharmila but not to Jagan indicating everyone right from the family is upset about him.

People are also clear that Jagan is involved in the murder of Vivekananda Reddy. His desperate attempts to save Avinash Reddy exposed himself automatically.

And then, there is the Land Titling Act. A person has to be a megalomaniac of the highest degree to name everything after himself or his father and paint every building in his party colors. The pictures on passbooks and stones on farm boundaries became a death blow to Jagan in this issue.

Jagan Mohan Reddy, from here, will go into the history books as a classic example of a political disaster. He has himself to blame for this debacle. While he aspired to have a photo of him in every house, history will mark him as a loser and tyrant.