Telangana elections are done and dusted. Janasena party contested for the first time in Telangana in alliance with BJP.

The party contested eight seats and lost deposits in all the seats.

Except for Kukatpally, it did not even win considerable votes in any of the seven.

Pawan Kalyan agreed to ally with the BJP at the last minute and did not even campaign for some of his candidates.

When Pawan Kalyan took the decision, everyone was skeptical about it.

Firstly there is no BJP in their alliance in Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, the BJP is helping Jagan big time there.

They are reluctant to contest together too. Everyone warned Pawan Kalyan that a negative result in Telangana can impact Janasena’s image in Andhra as well and will also bring questions about the integrity of having different stands in AP and Telangana.

But as if the election will help him in some way, Pawan Kalyan contested Telangana elections and the result is up there.

Losing deposits in all seats will also mean it will impact his bargaining power with TDP when the seat-sharing is to be decided.

Now, Pawan Kalyan will have to tell how the decision is right and explain how it helped the Janasena Party.

Pawan Kalyan’s thoughtless decisions will also impact his alliance partner, TDP.

Will he now convince Modi and Amit Shah to join their alliance and also keep their seat-sharing demands in check? Or at least can he stop BJP from supporting Jagan? Will the BJP high command reciprocate to Pawan Kalyan’s help?

Those who know the cut-throat politics of Modi and Shah can easily guess – the answer is NO.

BJP always used Pawan Kalyan and never returned any favor.

The only takeaway for Pawan Kalyan in this episode is sharing dias with Prime Minister Narendra Modi once and have him say some good words about him.

He will understand the outcome of his decision very soon.