YS Sharmila and YS Sunitha are extensively campaigning in the Kadapa Parliament. Sharmila herself is contesting from the seat with the sole agenda of defeating the conspirator (YS Avinash Reddy) of YS Vivekananda Reddy and Jagan Mohan Reddy who is saving him.

Sunitha is also campaigning for Sharmila and is causing a lot of inconvenience for the YSR Congress.

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There are reports that there is a danger of TDP winning Kadapa if Sharmila’s vote share crosses 10%. It means Sharmila is eating into the vote bank of the YSR Congress.

If TDP cooperates, Sharmila may win. Either way, Jagan can not afford to do that.

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Kadapa Lok Sabha segment is the stronghold of the YSR Family. It has been with the YS family since 1989. The family members have won all the ten elections that happened after 1984.

To negate the impact of Sharmila and Sunitha, YS Bharathi is going to campaign in Pulivendula.

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Jagan will file his nomination on the 22nd of this month and from then, Bharathi will camp in Pulivendula and campaign. The idea is to increase the majority in Pulivendula as much as possible so that it will help Avinash Reddy.

The feud between Jagan and Sharmila is reportedly mainly because of the issues between Bharathi and Sharmila.

Bharathi tried to cut the size of Sharmila ever since the YSR Congress came to power. From taking over Sakshi completely to denying Sharmila a share in the family assets, it is rumored that Bharathi played a crucial role.

Buzz in the Pulivendula is that it was Bharathi who forced Jagan to protect Avinash Reddy in YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case

So, Kadapa Lok Sabha is going to witness a family war between Bharathi and Sharmila in the days to come.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Avinash Reddy’s bail may get canceled before the elections. If that happens, it will be a massive setback for YSR Congress. It will not only impact the elections in Kadapa but also will set a narrative for the elections in the entire state.

The CBI already filed an affidavit in Telangana High Court asking to cancel the bail. The case will come to hearing this month-end.

Bharathi has been confined to Tadepalli and Sakshi affairs ever since Jagan became the CM in 2019. It will be the first time she is going to the people. In fact, she was forced to go to the people due to Avinash.