Kodali Nani

During the COVID-19 pandemic, former minister Kodali Nani and his associates, known as the Kodali Gaddam Gang, reportedly created a climate of fear and unlawfully seized various properties.

In Gudivada, allegations emerged that Nani’s followers occupied land belonging to the Chaitanyanagar Housing Society and seized a significant plot in Rajender Nagar worth around Rs.100 crore.

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Following the TDP’s recent election victory, MLA Venigandla Ramu assured landowners that they would regain their properties.

This led to the demolition of illegal structures erected by Nani’s followers. The owners, who had faced harassment and violence when attempting to reclaim their lands, are now reclaiming their property.

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The Gaddam Gang, who had threatened and mistreated those contesting the land seizures, including YSRCP workers and leaders, have now fled following the electoral defeat of Kodali Nani.

The change in government has allowed the victims to reclaim their plots and has ended the occupation by the gang, leading to a sense of relief among the affected landowners.

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