Chandrababu Naidu has yet to officially assume the role of Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, but behind the scenes, significant maneuvering is taking place regarding key positions in his administration. Sources indicate that Chief Secretary Jawahar Reddy is being pressured to take leave from his responsibilities, as CBN appears reluctant to be sworn in with Jawahar as CS.

Additionally, there are allegations concerning AP Beverages MD Vasudeva Reddy, who was sidelined by the Election Commission (EC) due to irregularities in liquor supply during the elections. Following the YSRCP’s defeat, it is alleged that Vasudeva Reddy took important files with him on Thursday.

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A complaint was lodged by Gadde Sivakrishna, who reported suspicious activity involving files and computer equipment being loaded into a vehicle near the AP Beverages Corporation office in Prasadampadu. Despite initial police inaction, the complaint was eventually filed with the CID.

Vasudeva Reddy, an IRTS officer from Telangana, developed close relations with YCP leaders while working in Guntakallu, Anantapur district. His connections with Jagan’s OSD Krishnamohan Reddy facilitated his deputation to AP when the YCP came to power in 2019, leading to his role in the AP Beverages Corporation. During the election, allegations surfaced that Vasudeva Reddy ensured a steady supply of liquor to YSRCP leaders, which led to his removal by the EC after opposition complaints.

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