Amaravati Farmers

Save Amaravati Agitation has completed four years today. On the same day today four years ago, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced the three capitals in the Assembly.

Protesting the move, Amaravati farmers and women hit the streets. They have arranged protest sites in all the twenty-nine villages that come under the capital and kept on protesting.

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YSR Congress arranged Pro-Three Capitals protests to counter the farmers but the paid agitations were never sustained.

When they announced a Maha Padayatra across the state, they were subjected to brute force and Lathis everywhere. Even the legally binding annual compensation is also delayed every year and the farmers had to go to the court every single time to get the money.

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We have seen Ministers abusing the farmers as ‘Lanjakodukulu’ and they go scott-free.

29,481 farmers have been given 34,322 acres of land in the Land Pooling Policy of Chandrababu Naidu for the construction of Amaravati. Among these farmers, 5,227 farmers have given One to Two acres of land while another 3,337 farmers have given Two to Five acres of land.

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So, the small and medium-scale farmers are the most affected due to the Government’s decision.

When it comes to the caste-wise population, 32% of the farmers are Dalits, Reddys 20%, Kammas 18%, BC 14%, Kapu 9%, Muslims 3%, and Others 4%. But the propaganda of the YSR Congress is that Amaravati is a Kamma Capital.

If not for the courts, the farmers would be doomed a long ago.

The farmers who came forward to contribute to the history of Andhra Pradesh had to come on roads just for the mistake of believing Jagan would continue Amaravati.

They trusted his words before the election and even risked their future by voting for YSR Congress. But only to get betrayed. In just three months, we will get to see which way Amaravati will head as Andhra Pradesh goes to election.