TDP President Chandrababu Naidu hadn’t disclosed TDP’s policy on sand before the elections. The TDP focused its campaign on the Super-Six election promises. After coming back to power, the TDP started implementing its earlier (2016-2019) policy on sand, effective from July 8th.

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During the last five years (2019-2024), people faced many problems regarding the availability of sand for construction. The YSRCP government scrapped TDP’s free sand policy, citing corruption. As a result, many daily laborers and construction workers struggled to survive. The YSRCP’s sand policy is also one of the reasons for its defeat.

The TDP government has launched a program to provide free sand to the people. People’s representatives and government officials came together to start this initiative. Announcing the Interim Sand Policy of the Government vide no. 43 issued.

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With this, the free sand policy came into force. However, this is not a complete policy, and a comprehensive policy will be coming soon. The interim policy will address the sand woes faced by the people. Guidelines have been given to legally prevent private sales, illegal stockpiling across borders, black marketing, and smuggling.

The government has withdrawn the 2019 and 2021 sand policies brought by the Jagan government in the background of implementing the free sand policy. The 2016, 2019, and Upgraded 2021 Sand Policies were reviewed by the Chandrababu government.

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The government has recognized the need for a comprehensive sand policy to protect the environment and consumers’ interests. As part of this, the Director of Mines has made some proposals. Taking them into account, the government decided to provide free sand to the people without expecting any revenue. The cost of maintenance (operational) of free sand shall be borne by the users.

Also, the legal fees (such as GST) have to be borne by the users. This is a huge relief to laborers, and some of them are saying that free sand is more important than the Super-Six promises of CBN.