HC-Judge's-Domestic-Violence-CCTV-Footage-Goes-ViralIn a shocking and a disturbing manner, a CCTV footage of the Hyderabad High Court Judge’s family is going viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons. The retired Judge named Nooty Ramamohana Rao was also seen abusing the woman, Sindhu Sharma who is a mother of two. The video came to light after her husband filed a divorce petition with the court.

The incident occurred in April this year where Sindhu was beaten up and abused badly in front of her kids by her husband Vasista and the in-laws at midnight. She was then taken to a hospital for treatment as she shattered down and clothes were torn away as she reached the hospital in the car. The hospital staff was told that Sindhu was mentally ill and got the treatment done as she confessed with the media now.

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She has been going through the abusive marriage of 7 years ever since the day they tied the knot and the recent physical attack was made in demand of more dowry from the woman. She was taken to her parents from the hospital back then and was waiting for her husband to come back and take her home but he, in turn, filed a petition for divorce and that is when Sindhu brought out the CCTV footage proofs.

Even after all this, Sindhu doesn’t want the divorce but her family back which the husband is not ready for. She is now fighting for her kids with the case running in the court. Isn’t that disturbing to see such conduct at a highly educated, that to a judge’s home?

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