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The results of East Godavari are eagerly awaited. There is a saying in Telugu Politics – తూర్పు ఎటైతే రాష్ట్రం కూడా అటే. That means the results of East Godavari will reflect the result of Andhra Pradesh.

Kapu and Settibalija (in that order) are dominant communities in East Godavari. 90% of the Settibalijas are BCs. Traditionally, Settibalijas are with the Telugu Desam Party as the party encouraged them politically and also economically.

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A majority of Settibalijas are dependent on small ‘Chethivruttulu‘. TDP Government helped them big time with ఆదరణ scheme.

Kapu Community rallied with the TDP and Janasena alliance this time. They saw it as a real chance to make Pawan Kalyan win and voted en masse to the alliance. It is expected that 70% Kapu Community voted for the alliance. Ground reports say even Kapu women who got Kapu Nestham voted for TDP and Janasena.

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Jagan Mohan Reddy saw the impact of the alliance as early as 2019 and tried to woo the BCs particularly the Settibalijas. He started corporations for BCs but the financial help is very random.

The Settibalijas population in East Godavari is about 6.5% and there sub-castes like Gowda, Yaatha, Eediga, Srisaina and others. Gowdas are the majority in Settibalijas and are financially better. They are mostly reliant on bars and wine shops. But then, most of them are badly affected due to Jagan‘s liquor policy.

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They are in majority in Kakinada Rural, Prathipadu, Pithapuram, and Jaggampeta. They are about half of the Kapu population here.

They are also in sizeable numbers in P Gannavaram, Mummidivaram, Kothapeta, Ramachandrapuram, Razole, and Amalapuram. They are also in Good numbers in Anaparthy, Rajahmundry City and Rajahmundry Rural.

Jagan made a last minute attempt to woo Settibalijas by giving them more seats. YSR Congress gave Rajahmundry MP, Rajahmundry City, Rajahmundry Rural, and Ramachandrapuram MLA seats to that Community. Previously Pilli Subash Chandrabose of the same Community was sent to Rajya Sabha.

On the other hand, TDP could not accomodate them much due to the alliance. They gave only one seat to Settibalija – Ramachandrapuram. Even Janasena and BJP could not give them tickets.

YSR Congress is expecting that Settibalijas are voting en masse for the party and will tilt the results in their favor. The alliance on other side is confident that both the Kapu and Settibalija communities will vote for them in big numbers and give them a thumping majority in the District.