Telangana Surveillance CamerasHyderabad is poised to become India’s fastest-growing metropolis, thanks to its exceptional infrastructure and thriving startup ecosystem. Notably, the city has garnered attention not only for its entrepreneurial vibrancy but also for its extensive network of CCTV cameras.

Hyderabad holds the title of having the highest number of surveillance cameras in the country, with 2,300 more added recently.

The city’s Telangana State Police Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) in Banjara Hills is set to launch its ‘War Room’ and Multi-Agency Operations and Disaster Management Centre.

The state government aims to install approximately 10 lakh surveillance cameras, with six lakh cameras already operational through government and community funding.

The command and control center can simultaneously monitor and analyze data from around 1 lakh cameras, boasting a highly trained workforce and cutting-edge technology. Only a handful of cities in the world have such high-end technology and infrastructure.

Hyderabad’s Integrated Command and Control Centre, featuring a helipad and five towers, is a pioneering initiative in India, resembling something out of Hollywood movies.

This sophisticated infrastructure centralizes emergency responses and disaster management, showcasing Hyderabad’s leadership not only in CCTV deployment but also in advanced command and control capabilities.

Hyderabad, holding the 10th position in India, ranks as the 192nd safest city globally. It surpasses cities like Melbourne, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Auckland, New York, Dublin, Jakarta, and Tehran, among several others in terms of safety.