Hyderabad Voting

In the heart of Hyderabad, where the air smells of spicy biryani and the streets are always busy, there’s a puzzling situation that keeps repeating itself.

When election time comes around, the sun rises, the birds chirp, and everyone talks about voting and making a difference. But when the day actually arrives, a lot of Hyderabad folks decide they’d rather stay home or go on a little vacation. Even though the government gives them a day off work so they can vote, many people just chill out instead.

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While the polling booths sit there waiting, hardly anyone shows up. Meanwhile, the restaurants and cafes are packed with people enjoying themselves. It’s like everyone forgets about voting as soon as they smell the delicious food!

Even though the weather was not too hot, people in Hyderabad just stayed home or went on vacation with their families. Even though Monday was a holiday to encourage voting, they still didn’t bother to go to the polls. Members of various parties had to go door-to-door begging people to come out and vote. Several such videos surfaced online yesterday.

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Before the polls even wrapped up at 6 pm, it was business as usual in the city, with people flooding eateries, parks, and malls.

While people were busy buying things at the stores in Madhapur and filling their stomachs with chicken biryani at Bawarchi, the polling booths nearby had hardly anyone there like the audience in a theater playing Kangana Ranaut’s movie.

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After 5 pm, the streets near Durgam Cheruvu, Malkam Chervu, and other parks looked as crowded as the first day first show of an SS Rajamouli film, but the nearby polling stations were empty, like a ghost town.

In Hyderabad, voter turnout was low, with only 39.17% in the Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency and slightly better at 42.48% in Secunderabad. Chevella Lok Sabha constituency, which boasts IT corridor and rural segments, managed a comparatively respectable 53.15 percent.

The lowest turnouts were in Bahadurpura (34.19%), Nampally (37.30%), and Malakpet (37.84%). But places like Rajendranagar, Maheshwaram, and Quthbullapur had higher turnouts of around 50%.

Here’s the funny thing: even though the people of Hyderabad don’t bother to vote, lots of people still love to complain about politicians and how nothing ever changes. They point fingers and shake their heads, but they don’t realize that by not voting, they’re part of the problem too.

So, in the end, nothing really changes. And it’s all because people would rather spend their time eating out than making a difference in their own country.