IPac-Social-Media.TDP-JanaSenaThe political climate in Andhra Pradesh has hit a new peak with the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu. This rattled the entire ecosystem and has resulted in TDP gaining massive coverage amongst all sections and even sparked a huge public outrage.

This even triggered an announcement on TDP and JanaSena which is potentially a game changer in AP politics and could be the deciding factor in the polling trends.

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Well, as it appears, Jagan has now come with a plan to counter the increased good press for TDP and the growing commotion against him for putting CBN behind the bars.

JanaSena No.2 Nadendla Manohar has revealed that Jagan has deployed 350 people to run as many fake social media handles with the sole intention of trying to deteriorate the TDP-JSP alliance.

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“These 350 people have made it their life’s mission to create rifts between TDP and JSP. They create accounts with the names of both TDP and JSP supporters, and then they try to share derogatory posts on both of our parties. The intention is create rifts amongst our allies. This is a cheap tactic” the JanaSena leader stated.

This comes amidst YCP’s staged rift between JanaSena supporters on social media. There are tweets and posts of JanaSena supporters fighting amongst themselves. Now, Nadendla has revealed that this is a result of the fake propaganda that is being run by Jagan’s men. Both TDP and JSP supporters should be watchful of the same.

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This could be a result of the wicked electoral tactics of I-PAC who are known for such fake campaigns on social media. JSP and TDP should make it a point to keep their troops aware of the same and they are on the right track, given Nadendla’s latest comment.