I-PAC Survey APThe political environment in Andhra Pradesh changed all of a sudden with Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest. There is a surge in the energies of the TDP cadre and neutrals are also responding so much in favor of Chandrababu in this issue.

The ruling party is taken aback by this as they did not expect some of this sort to happen.

Meanwhile, I-PAC has started a comprehensive survey in Andhra Pradesh to gauge the mood of the public. An extensive question paper with twenty questions is prepared to know the people’s pulse.

The Question paper will have ten questions on the impact of welfare schemes and the other ten questions are political.

YSR Congress leaders and cadres will distribute these slips to every household when they go to every household in the Palleku Podham program starting from October 3rd.

The filled slips will be sent to the party offices which will forward the detailed reports to Tadepalli.

The Answers will be randomly checked by the party’s headquarters using the Phone numbers written on the slips.

I-PAC will condense the entire data and submit a fact file to Jagan Mohan Reddy.

But then, it is doubtful if people will give the right answers if the party leaders themselves give the slips. In such a scenario, it is a wasteful exercise.