For the first time in the history of IPL, a captain was booed by his own team supporters. This happened in Mumbai last night when Hardik Pandya was booed by the Mumbai crowd who were clearly in support of their ex-captain Rohit Sharma.

In a viral video, it was seen that Rohit was gesturing for the crowd to stop booing Hardik but this was to little avail.

Now, perhaps the onus is on the team management and Rohit Sharma himself to settle the humiliation saga of Hardik. It is clearly understood that the crowd’s affiliation with Rohit is resulting in Hardik getting badly booed wherever he goes and no other individuals other than Rohit can settle the issue.

Perhaps a press conference or a pre-game speech from Rohit to stop booing Hardik is the only way this can be brought under control.

The nature in which Hardik replaced Rohit as the captain is least welcomed by the Mumbai Indians fans and this has transcended into unreal hate on the former. A more proactive measure from Rohit to gesture to the crowd to stop humiliating Hardik is being seen as the only viable solution to this situation.