Seethakka got a bigger response than Revanth Reddy himself during the Swearing-in ceremony. That is the craze Seethakka has got in the people. That craze has also made her the target of BRS and its IT wing.

There has been a barrage of attacks on the Minister on Social Media ever since the new Government started work.

There is a scrutiny on every movement of hers. BRS IT cell is trying to kill her image by showcasing her as corrupt.

We have seen posts about the cars Seethakka uses and even the shoes her staff use implying that her simplicity is all publicity and she is fully corrupt.

And then, there are posts saying that Seethakka is aiding the Sand Mafia. Videos and Pictures are being peddled attributing them to Seethakka but no one can verify the authenticity.

It is interesting to note that the BRS Top leadership or the leaders do not target Seethakka because it may showcase themselves as Anti-women and Anti-Tribals.

But for the same reason (Tribal woman) makes her an easy target.

But the attack is through the faceless social media teams. It is a systematic attempt to gradually inject into the minds of the people Seethakka is just like any other politician and the clean image is not true.

At this moment, Seethakka seems to be a bigger target than Revanth Reddy.