Telangana Elections are done and dusted. The state, for the first time since its existence, will have a Congress Chief Minister. Revanth Reddy is the most probable candidate.

KT Ramarao accepted the defeat and was the first BRS leader to acknowledge the defeat by posting a message on X.

He as the Working President of the BRS also addressed the media. The young leader gracefully accepted the defeat and promised to play the role of a constructive opposition.

KTR as the IT and Municipal Minister of Telangana did a commendable job. But respecting the people’s verdict, he has to leave the office. Congress will name his successor soon.

But then, the behavior of BRS supporters after the defeat is definitely in bad taste.

They have been trending the hashtag #ITMinister on X as if the World is going to end since KTR is no longer the Minister.

The supporters are seen cursing the voters for not voting for BRS in all possible ways.

They have already decided that no one can replace KTR and the state will struggle. It is nothing but an insult to the verdict of the voters. Also, it is as if they are wishing that the state should fail under the new government.

Voters do not sit at the comfort of their homes and post messages on social media. They will have their own reasons to vote or why not to vote for a party.

BRS may have done some good things and some things that the voters do not like.

BRS is a party that claims to be for Telangana state and the people here. If the party’s cadre is doubting and insulting the intellect of the Telangana people, it is very wrong on their part.

Any new government should get some cooling period. People should give them a chance to settle down and then evaluate. If BRS supporters are cribbing hours after the results are out, it will speak very poorly about their conduct and their desperation.

Not taking away anything from KTR’s good work, IT flourished in Andhra Pradesh even before KTR. Neighbouring Karnataka does not have a dynamic Minister like KTR yet was very successful. So, it is too much to write off his successor.

People will not like such desperation and the KTR’s graceful acceptance of defeat will also be lost.