YS Jagan _AmaravatiIt looks like Andhra Pradesh Government has withdrawn the bills pertaining the three capitals for a reason. When the entire state is busy with the employees agitation, the State Government silently registered 480 acres in Amaravati pressurizing the officials at Mandadam Sub-registrar office.

This land is present in the capital villages – Anantavaram, Mandadam, Uddandarayunipalem, Lingayapalem, and Venkatapalem and were previously given to the Government as a part of land pooling. Buzz is that Government has taken 3,000 Crore Rupees loan keeping this land as collateral.

It is not clear if this is a new loan or if the Government exchanged land for a loan already exists. Recently, Government allotted the land kept as a collateral to HUDCO for Township construction. So, the government may be exchanging the land for HUDCO. The details are yet to come.

Meanwhile, there are doubts why the Government has done all this secretly and if the Government can do this when the issue is already in the courts.