Nara-Brahmani-Chandrababu-balakrishnaBlue Media is busy with conspiracy theories after Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest. This time the target is Nara and Nandamuri families. We already know how they tried to create rifts between TDP and Junior NTR and were successful to some extent.

They are now targeting to create a gap between Balakrishna and TDP.

They are now busy creating conspiracy theories that Balakrishna wants to grab the seat of Chandrababu Naidu as the latter is in jail. They are citing the incident of Balakrishna holding a meeting with party leaders in TDP’s Mangalagiri office as proof of it.

They did not stop with that. They extended the story further saying that Chandrababu is startled by this development and brought Nara Brahmani to the front to checkmate Balakrishna in case Lokesh goes to jail. They cite the examples of stories promoting Nara Brahmani as the next heir in various Newspapers.

Balakrishna always threw his weight behind Chandrababu Naidu. He stood by the party in the toughest times. Blue Media is trying to portray him as power-hungry overriding his own son-in-law by taking advantage of the situation.

And the second part of the game they are playing with Nara Brahmani who happens to be Balakrishna’s daughter.

TDP supporters are reacting strongly to these pathetic articles.

“YSR Congress ecosystem has no respect for relations (వావీవరసలు లేవు). Jagan is someone like that. We have seen him collect signatures right beside his father’s dead body. We have seen him driving away his mother and sister out of the party fearing that they may become power centers. So, Blue Media tries to color everyone similarly,” they are angrily saying.