Megastar Chiranjeevi tried his luck in politics in the 2009 elections. He managed to win only eighteen seats and later merged the party into Congress to become a Central Minister. After Congress’ decline in Andhra due to the bifurcation, Chiranjeevi left politics and returned to films.

Against all odds and speculations, Chiranjeevi’s second innings have been mostly eventful. After the insults he faced, there is no reason for Chiranjeevi to go back to politics. Further, he concluded that he is not cut for politics and is trying to be politically neutral.

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Pawan Kalyan entered politics with Janasena party in 2014. Janasena faced its first election in 2019. But to date, Chiranjeevi stayed away from Janasena as well as politics maintaining his stance of being politically neutral.

But recently, Chiranjeevi surprised everyone by showing interest in politics.

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We have seen him donate five Crore Rupees to the Janasena Party. Yesterday, he extended support for BJP candidate, CM Ramesh who is contesting from the Anakapalli Lok Sabha segment.

Usually very cautious Chiranjeevi would not take any such chances fearing repercussions if Jagan came to power.

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But then, Jagan Mohan Reddy put the industry through severe troubles after coming to power in 2019.

The industry which is still grappling with the after-effects of COVID got impacted so much because of Jagan.

Chiranjeevi led a delegation of Industry biggies to Jagan. The celebrities were insulted when their cars were stopped at a distance from Jagan’s camp office and were made to walk. Later in the meeting, Chiranjeevi had to plead with folded hands while Jagan remained smiling.

Probably, all these insults were playing in the mind of Chiranjeevi and he is playing a small part in politics.