YS-Jagan-Cadre-Meeting-Last week, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy hinted at meeting 50 active party workers from each constituency to understand the condition of the party at the ground level.

The exercise will begin in August, the reports said.

But then, the selection of the fifty active party workers has become tedious and also a kind of joke. The party was interested to filter the party workers who have pending bills from the government.

The Chief Minister does not want to meet them as their sole focus will be on getting their bills cleared than giving the information the Chief Minister needs.

But then, the party workers themselves say this is kind of a joke.

“The most active and committed party workers invested money believing the government. They lost money and the CM do not want to talk to them. Who else can give exact information to the CM?” they question.

“If the CM ignores such committed party workers, he would not get the right feedback. Also, it will send a very wrong message to those who worked for the party in difficult times,” they add.