YS-Jagan-Chandrababu-Naidu-2024YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has ignored Amaravati mainly because he does not want the capital city to have ‘Chandrababu’s mark’ as a founder. Since then, all attempts have been made to thwart the future of Amaravati and he was largely successful in it.

Amaravati looks like an abandoned ghost city now. But what if the government changes and Chandrababu is back at the helm? Jagan is readying just for that scenario.

Earlier Jagan government tried to give House Pattas to the poor from the lands pooled for Amaravati but the High Court blocked it saying it is against the law.

In the cabinet meeting the other day, the Chief Minister told at amending the CRDA act to give House Pattas for the poor in Amaravati.

The Chief Minister wants the lands not just for the poor of Amaravati but also for the poor living across the state.

While the ruling party can proudly say it has given a chance for the poor across the state to have a house in Amaravati, there is a very interesting plan behind it.

Amaravati was envisaged as a Self-financing project with the lands collected can be monetized to fund the capital construction.

By giving lands to the poor, there will be no lands to monetize even if Chandrababu comes to power and with that, the chances for Amaravati’s rival will be completely lost.

If a government senses no chance of coming to power, it will do its best to make things difficult for the coming government. Is Jagan Mohan Reddy in that direction with this move?