Jagan's Tour: Exams PostponedYS Jagan Mohan Reddy was in Vishakapatnam on Friday. Exams were postponed for the Chief Minister’s visit.

Arts and Commerce, Law, and affiliated colleges of AU are conducting ‘Second Mid’ exams. However, the students said that the exams on Friday were postponed in the name of the CM’s visit.

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A certificate distribution program was organized by the Chief Minister in the AU graduation hall for those who received training in Microsoft.

Many students were taken to that program to cheer the Chief Minister’s speech.

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But then, half of the students were not allowed into the venue. They got into several problems as a result.

Acharya Rajendra Karmarkar, Principal of AU Arts and Commerce College stated that since these are not public exams, they have been postponed due to the CM’s visit.

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There is a stark criticism for linking students and exams with politics. People are finding fault with postponing exams and using students for CM’s program.