Jammalamadugu: MLA's Group Attacks Former Minister's GroupThe Group politics in Kadapa YSR Congress have reached peak stages. Former Minister Rama Subba Reddy and MLA Sudheer Reddy’s followers are not seeing eye to eye.

On Wednesday, MLA Sudheer Reddy’s group attacked Rama Subbaa Reddy’s group using knives (Veta Kattulu). Many are injured and one condition is said to be serious.

The followers of Rama Subba Reddy reached the hospital and shouted slogans against the MLA.

Rama Subba Reddy has been in TDP for a long time. He felt inconvenient in the party after his archrival Adinarayana Reddy joined the party and became a minister in 2014.

After the 2019 defeat, Rama Subba Reddy joined YSR Congress but is struggling in the party.

Sudheer Reddy is the son of senior politician Mysoora Reddy’s brother. He won with a whopping 52K majority in Jammalamadugu over Rama Subba Reddy.

Rama Subba Reddy thought it is easy to bulldoze the MLA in the constituency since he is a newcomer but it turned to be different.