Pawan Kalyan Nadendla Manohar Kandula Durgesh

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu released the list of Portfolios of the Ministers after a lot of Suspense.

All eyes are on what Janasena Ministers will be getting as that will define the relationship between TDP and Janasena. Chandrababu Naidu sent a Positive Message by giving important portfolios to all three.

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Pawan Kalyan, the Deputy Chief Minister got important portfolios like Rural Development, Rural Drinking Water Supply, and Panchayat Raj. He also got the highest number of Portfolios among all the Ministers.

Janasena‘s Number Two, Nadendla Manohar got the important Civil Supplies Portfolio. This is also considered very important one.

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Kandula Durgesh got Cinematography Portfolio. Cinematography Portfolio pertains to the Cinema Industry. This is an emotional one for Janasena Supporters as Jagan troubled Pawan Kalyan using Ticket Prices.

With this move, Chandrababu Naidu sends a Positive Message that he values relationship with Pawan Kalyan so much and the alliance will stay for a long time.

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