Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena is allying with the BJP in Telangana Assembly elections. Janasena was given eight seats to contest out of 119 seats in Telangana. Pawan Kalyan is yet to start the campaign for his candidates.

This move of Janasena comes with a risk. Janasena has allied with the BJP in Telangana while the latter is refusing to have an alliance with TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

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Moreover, the Central BJP is lending all sorts of support to the YSR Congress which is against the interests of the TDP and Janasena alliance in AP.

At this juncture, Pawan Kalyan allied with BJP in Telangana giving an indication that the alliance with TDP is confined only to Andhra Pradesh.

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But then, Janasainiks are being unreasonable demanding unconditional support of the TDP to its candidates in Telangana.

Some of them are questioning TDP’s silence and some of them are saying TDP is supporting Congress against the interests of Janasena.

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They even say TDP should strive for the victory of Janasena candidates so that the perception can be carried over to Andhra Pradesh politics as well.

They warn that if Janasena loses in Telangana, the alliance of TDP and Janasena would appear weaker in Andhra Pradesh too.

If Janasainiks are so worried about appearing weaker in AP if they lose in Telangana, they should have avoided the contest altogether in Telangana like TDP.

While Janasena can have different interests and strategies in AP and Telangana, TDP can also have.

Since Janasena is seeing AP and Telangana differently, TDP can also do the same.

So, Janasainiks demanding TDP’s support in Telangana is nothing but silly.

For suppose if TDP helps Janasena and makes it win in a seat of two, Janasena will get to say we got to win in a weak state like Telangana and so we deserve more number of seats in Andhra Pradesh. And that is totally unnecessary for TDP.

The biggest favor TDP is doing to Janasena in Telangana is that its top brass is not announcing support to Congress publicly there.