Perni Nani

It is a known thing that the Telugu film industry suffered a lot in the YS Jagan regime. The restriction on ticket prices, cancellation of additional shows, targeted approach on certain films, and other incidents prove the point.

Amidst this hostile situation, former cinematography minister Perni Nani has claimed that Tollywood will be moving to Vizag in 2025. He said the government has already held with certain high-placed Tollywood individuals and the move to Vizag is imminent. This was claimed in his latest interview.

The fundamental issue here is that Jagan himself hasn’t moved to Vizag yet after building up the capital shift narrative for all these years. In that case, how can one expect the film industry to move to Vizag at the YCP government’s will?

Then comes the question of YCP retaining power. At a time when the party is losing sitting MLAs and MPs left right center, the fingers are pointing at the downfall of the YCP government amidst all the anti-incumbency. So, the tall claims about moving Tollywood to Vizag don’t have any substance.

Tollywood veteran Murali Mohan stated that Jagan made top heroes walk from his camp office gate when they went to meet him a couple of years ago. He said this was a humiliating situation for the Tollywood delegation. When such a thing happened when top heroes went to meet Jagan at his own residence, how can they be motivated to start operating in Vizag upon the proposal of the Jagan government?

Lastly, the Jagan government tried to trouble Rama Naidu studio lands in Vizag that were allocated by the previous TDP government. Then how can other studios come forward with the proposal of setting up efficient working film studios in Hyderabad?

Jagan government is the exact opposite of what a friendly government that a large-scale industry like the film industry would expect. In that case, even proposing the industry to move to Vizag just for the sake of it has become a laughing stock, commented a netizen.