Junior NTR & Kodali Nani Still In TouchIt is known to our readers that Junior NTR helped Kodali Nani get TDP ticket from Gudivada at the start of his career. Nani became close to NTR using his connections with Harikrishna.

He produced Adhurs with NTR and became famous as NTR‘s man in TDP. But once he parted ways with TDP, everything has changed. He started abusing Chandrababu to please Jagan and that has complicated things for Junior as well.

The last time, NTR has talked about Kodalo Nani in public is several years ago when he said if someone is not in TDP, they are no longer his friends. Since then, Junior did not talk about Kodali in public.

But Nani uses his name every now and then for political gains. But then, all this is about what is in public domain. It seems like they are still in touch.

The other day, Rajamouli at the film’s Pre-release event in Karnataka thanked Kodali Nani and Perni Nani for helping in tickets issue. Buzz is that it was Kodali Nani who acted as a facilitator between RRR team and CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on the request of NTR.

We do not know if NTR got in touch with Nani for this issue or they are in touch for a long time.